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Jamorama Review

Jamorama Review

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Jamorama guitar lessons

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If you have always wanted to learn to play guitar by ear, Jamorama guitar lessons may be just the solution you have been searching for!  In this guitar lessons review we will look at the key benefits of learning guitar online and the features that make Jamorama one of the best online guitar lessons you will find.

While there are a couple of potential pitfalls if you want to learn guitar online that I will mention later, and a couple of disadvantages associated with Jamorama guitar learning software, the product certainly has some pluses. So let’s review Jamorama by looking first at…

What do you get when you buy Jamorama guitar lessons?

The Jamorama download includes:

  • Two Books containing a total of 41 lessons
  • Books are downloadable so you can access them immediately
  • Pdf format so you can read or print the books on any PC or Mac computer systems after you download Jamorama
  • More than 250 pages of Step-by-step Lessons
  • 148 high quality Video lessons
  • Videos are in Quicktime format so you can watch them on any computer system (PC or Mac)
  • Lessons and Videos are graded into a structured learning plan for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so you can progress at your own pace
  • 216 Chord shapes to master
  • 55 unique Strumming patterns
  • 8 major styles of music, including Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Hiphop, Country and Metal
  • 26 professionally recorded Jam tracks you can play along to, with or without accompanying guitar.

All included for one low fee

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Are there any Jamorama Bonuses?

Yes! The bonuses with Jamorama guitar lessons at the moment are pretty cool and help make learning to play guitar fun:

  • An Ear Training Game so you can learn to play guitar by ear and even transcribe songs that you just hear played
  • A Sight Reading Game so you can enjoy learning to read music
  • Guitar Tuning Software and book on ‘How to Tune Your Guitar’ so your guitar always sounds the best
  • The ‘Jamorama Metronome’ to enable you to develop the timing, speed and control of a professional musician
  • The illustrated  Jamorama Chord and Riff Kit covering a wide range of musical styles
  • The Chordinator Game (for PC or Mac) to make learning chords fun.

Bonuses rating: Jamorama review

Are there any Disadvantages of Jamorama?

Well, Yes! There are a couple of disadvantages of Jamorama that you should consider before you buy Jamorama.

First, Jamorama is not an academic course designed to make sure you know a lot about the theory of music or how to build a guitar!  It is specially designed for practical people who just want to be able to pick up the guitar and express yourself through music, play along with your friends and share the joy you have for music with the world. So you need to be sure that that is what you are after. Jamorama will not suit you if you want to focus on a theoretical study of music.

Also on the not-so-positive side, you do need to be aware that Jamorama is a download that includes all your online guitar lessons, so in order to access your course when you buy Jamorama you will need to download a lot of material.  If your internet connection is very slow this may take you some time – although I am sure you will feel it is worthwhile in the end.

Finally some people might find it a bit strange to take music lessons on your computer, rather than in a classroom.  However Jamorama guitar lessons have been around – and improving – since 2003 and over 200,000 students just like you have used Jamorama. So I’m guessing this isn’t an issue for most people – especially if you have already decided to use online guitar lessons.

Disadvantages rating: Jamorama disadvantages

So are Jamorama guitar lessons good value?

Through Jamorama guitar lessons you can learn to play guitar online in the comfort of your own home without being up for a small fortune in subscription fees or guitar tuition fees. In fact you can buy all of the Jamorama guitar lessons with the bonuses for less than the cost of a single lesson with any reasonable music teacher!

Then there is the value you have to put on the convenience of being able to learn guitar online at any time that suits you, rather than at a time – and place – that suits someone else.  No travelling across town to discover your class has been cancelled for this week.  No arranging your social life around set class times.  No waiting around for next week’s lesson.  Do your Jamorama guitar lessons whenever it suits you – at any time of the day or night – even if that happens to be 3am!

So you would have to say online guitar lessons are very convenient and great value.

And of course there is a full 100% money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy with the quality of the Jamorama guitar lessons.

Value and convenience rating: Jamorama review

What do others say about Jamorama guitar lessons?

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 83% of Jamorama students surveyed said they would recommend Jamorama to their friends, family, and colleagues.  Listen to their comments here

Other people’s Jamorama reviews rating:

Summary of Jamorama Guitar Lessons Review

So, all in all, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of Jamorama guitar lessons if you are in the market for the best online guitar lessons. And really, the easiest thing to do is visit the official website to read more about whether Jamorama guitar lessons are the best online guitar lessons for you.

Overall Jamorama guitar lessons rating: Jamorama review

Finally, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this in a Jamorama review site, but if you are still undecided I suggest you just go to the official website and sign up for their Free 6 day Course to sample what you get when you buy the full course of Jamorama guitar lessons.

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Jamorama more information

Jamorama Guitar Lessons – More information

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One of the features I rather like about Jamorama guitar lessons is the lengths they go to to make sure you find beginning guitar lessons is fun and easy, not just boring repetition and drill exercises.

For example, perhaps you are one of the many people who finds learning to read music monotonous. Jamorama includes a super bonus Sight Reading Game, ‘Jayde Musica Pro’, to help you quickly learn to remember your music – and have fun in the process.

Many beginners struggle when they want to learn to play guitar tabs. While there are a couple of different variations, a guitar tab is essentially a graphical representation of how to form the notes of a tune by placing your fingers on the neck of the guitar. The bonus Jamorama Chord Kit makes it simple to learn and play more than 200 chords. It consists of illustrations for each chord, each of which includes a high resolution photo of the correct fingering with the guitar tab above it.

When you are beginning guitar lessons, it is quite easy to learn to play guitar tabs and it is a very successful method of tuition, even if you can’t read formal music.

However there is one thing that learning to play guitar using tabs won’t help you with. You still need to have a good feel for the rhythm of any song you are trying to play on the guitar because a tab won’t give you much information about that.

You do also need to learn how to read and interpret a guitar tab properly. A quality online course like Jamorama guitar lessons will help you do this.

But perhaps you have a mental picture of being able to pick up your guitar and play your favorite songs to all your family and friend – without needing to read any music!

To do this, you really want to learn to play guitar by ear. And maybe you’ve been trying, but begun to doubt whether you can ever learn music by listening.

Jamorama Guitar Lessons Bonuses

Jamorama guitar lessons come with a bonus Ear Training Game to make it fun to learn to play guitar by ear.

Jamorama guitar lessons

If you really want to learn to play the guitar but are not sure where you start, you can easily get beginning guitar lessons online. In fact, Jamorama offer 6 days of free guitar lessons for you to sample what you will receive when you get the full course.

So what are you waiting for?

Jamorama makes it easy and fun to learn guitar online. Grab your guitar and a pick, get settled in a chair (make sure it is a chair without arms) and get started with Jamorama guitar learning software today – the most comprehensive guitar course available with 250+ pages of lessons, 148 video lessons, 26 professionally recorded JamTracks and bonus software packages.

Start with Jamorama guitar lessons today so you can begin to master the guitar right now.

Beginning Guitar Lessons

Guitar Learning Software – Tips for Beginning Guitar Lessons

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If you want to play guitar, learning software has revolutionized your available options, even if you are only beginning guitar lessons. Now it really is possible to learn guitar online.

Where once upon a time you needed to search out a skilled music teacher, preferably one who shared your musical style and tastes, and sign up for an extended course of private lessons, now you can learn guitar online, even discovering how to play guitar by ear.

Thanks to the internet, guitar lessons are now available conveniently and instantly in the comfort of your own home. Whenever and wherever you want to learn to play guitar by ear your online guitar lessons are available and waiting for you.

Three Tips for Beginning Guitar Lessons

However, if you are looking to learn guitar online here are three tips you need to keep in mind before you buy, especially if you are just beginning guitar lessons.

First, the best online guitar lessons will offer a generous guarantee. Jamorama guitar lessons for example offers a full 60 days to use and evaluate all aspects of the course. So if you are not happy with the lessons, videos, jam tracks or any other part of the course you can contact them for a full refund. With such a comprehensive guarantee you can buy with full confidence in the value of the course. Any guitar learning software you seriously consider should offer at least a similarly strong guarantee.

Second, compare your full price of access to the course. Many online courses use a continuity or subscription pricing model where you have to pay every month to continue to have access to your course material. While this sort of subscription or membership model is appropriate for some courses, the best online guitar lessons, like Jamorama, may be accessed for a single affordable fee. So before you buy guitar learning software ask yourself whether you would prefer to pay once, or make regular payments every month.

Third, when you are just beginning guitar lessons it is important to make sure any online guitar course is structured with easy to follow instructions that provide a step by step approach so you can work at your own pace. One of the significant advantages of any online guitar course is being able to work at whatever pace that is comfortable for you – however fast or slow that might be.

So check to make sure that you aren’t tied to a set schedule when you look for the best online guitar lessons. You really want to be able to immerse yourself in learning to play guitar when you have the free time and not have to wait for the next lesson to arrive when someone else thinks you should be ready for it. Too often by then you are busy with something else and your guitar lessons have to wait. The best online guitar lessons will download to your computer instantly so you can start learning to master the guitar immediately – whatever time of day or night suits you and whenever you are ready for beginning guitar lessons – even at 3am if that suits you!

After all that is one of the best advantages when you learn guitar online.

When you are beginning guitar lessons, it is important to evaluate all the guitar learning software that’s out there on the internet. These tips will help you to identify the best online guitar lessons available.

beginning guitar lessons


Jamorama – An Introduction

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Jamorama is the original ‘no subscription’ play guitar by ear course for both beginners, and more advanced players. Whether you secretly dream of being a real life rock star, or you just want to pick out a favorite tune at a family sing song, finally there is an affordable solution that makes learning the guitar easier than you ever imagined.

Built on a structured, step-by-step system, and designed to help you play guitar by ear, Jamorama guitar lessons have been used by over 200,000 students since they were first offered in 2005.

Can you play guitar by ear?

If you have always wanted to play guitar by ear or learn songs just by listening to them you will love Jamorama’s unique ear training system. Special ear training lessons and software teach you to recognize both chords and progressions so you can start to play guitar by ear as soon as you hear a song.

The course includes a whole range of different guitar techniques, including Alternate Picking, Bending, Finger Picking, Hammer-ons, Legato, Palm Muting, Pull-offs, Slide, Strumming, Vibrato, Arpeggios and more that will impress your friends with your playing skill.

To ensure you know how to set up and maintain your guitar and sound like you know what you are talking about, you also receive practical training in how to:

  • Tune your guitar
  • Clean your guitar
  • Change your strings
  • Check your guitars intonation
  • Protect your guitar from moisture and heat
  • Buy a new guitar to suit your style of playing
  • Discuss your guitar set up with your local music store, and
  • Select new parts for your guitar to improve its sound.

The course includes step-by-step lessons in downloadable ebooks, high quality video lessons and professionally recorded jamtracks that you get to play along with in an easy to follow structured format so you can impress friends and family with your new musical skills. Games, chords, progressions and guitar TAB help take you from where you are now to mastering the guitar.

What styles of music allow you to play guitar by ear?

Jamorama guitar lessons cover how to play all eight major styles of music: Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Country. So no longer do you have to struggle with a style you don’t enjoy just to master the guitar playing skills you need.

In the comfort (and privacy) of your own home you can discover the joy of playing all your favorite songs and styles of music.

Unlike a regular music class or other online guitar lessons, where you have to pay a monthly subscription or per lesson fee, there is just one affordable upfront payment – with a full 60 day money-back guarantee. You can learn guitar using the Jamorama system, starting right now, and save thousands of dollars in tuition or subscription fees in the process.

When you learn to play guitar it should be fun and easy – with quick results. Jamorama guitar lessons really are the easy way to learn guitar online, and even play guitar by ear.